Periodically I send out a request for blog submissions for blog reviews. This post is partially that, but I thought along with it I’d offer a little incentive and give you a reason to submit your blog for review.

Why Submit Your Blog For Review?

There is a very simple reason to submit your blog for review—exposure. Actually, I am sure there are a lot more submitcomplex reasons to submit as well, but Sean is the Internet Marketing expert, so you might check out one of his blogs to learn the finer points of staking ground through blog reviews :).

When you submit your blog for review, you give it additional placement potential. It will be seen by all of our readers here, and be more “searchable” from a search engine perspective, because it gives the opportunity to be listed on multiple sites with links back to you. We put a lot of effort into building that searchability, too, by tagging and linking and keywording your blog’s name and general topic. Not only that, but that traffic comes to you knowing what you deliver and with an outside recommendation. As you can see, we also offer features like the “Digg” button so that your site review and subsequent links have the potential to be found across social networking sites as well.

How Can You Submit?

Submitting is easy. You have nothing to lose, and everything to gain. Just leave us a comment on any post, or right here, right now, with a link to your blog—and more than likely, we’ll be seeing you very soon!

Mary Ward
Do You Digg It!
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29 Responses to “Why Submit To Digg It For Blog Review?”

  1. OMPundit Says:

    I would like to submit my Blog for review.Thank you for your consideration.

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Thanks! Done–great blog!

    Any other suggestions for us?

  3. WIlliam Freedom Says:

    I would like to submit my blog for consideration also.
    Thank you

  4. ernest Says:

    Fashion Ryot presents a Modeling and Self Development Workshop “Lifestyles,
    for anyone aged sixteen to thirty-five. Our objective is to provide workshops for anyone
    who is interested in self confidence, self development, modeling, both skincare and hair care, make-up including application,
    diet and nutrition and wardrobe coordination

  5. Sam Sall Says:

    That’s great.I’d like to have a blog review ,
    This is my blog
    thank you

  6. Mary Ward Says:

    Thank You Sam–You’re on the list!

  7. Mary Ward Says:

    Sam, I can’t seem to get your link to work!

  8. Lalith Says:


    Can you review my story blog?

  9. Mary Ward Says:

    On the list–I’ll be sure to check it out!

    Thanks for submitting, Lalith

  10. Alexandra Kitty Says:

    All right, let’s see if you dig alchemic fables… :)

  11. Davis (Edible Mince) Says:

    hi there
    I would love some exposure as I believe I have a great site going here and would love for others to see for themselves

  12. Mary Ward Says:

    Great, Davis, let me check it out!

  13. Jason Cooper Says:

    Just passing through and came across this kind offer of submitting my site for review:

    Very much appreciated…be gentle.


  14. Meam Wye Says:

    Hi, My first visit to your site …….. liked the your theme of your website. Please consider reviewing my blog:


  15. Jono Says:

    Yeah. This sounds like a great idea. Would love to join..
    That is my blog, along with sum1 else if any1 wants to check it out

  16. John Silveira Says:

    Hi, I am not sure if I fall into any of your categories, But I sure could use more exposure. Thank you in advance for your consideration in reviewing my blog. Either way, please enjoy my blog to it’s fullest.

  17. Mary Ward Says:

    That’s why they let us create new categories. John ;) I’ll be by to check it out!

  18. Mary Ward Says:

    Will do!

  19. Mary Ward Says:

    Always, Jason :)

  20. ankit Says:

    Hey!! thats my health blog..It have good content and growing very fast..if you want you can review this blog :)

  21. Sheldon McCraystein Says:

    check it out!

  22. Spondita Says:

    Hi! I would like to submit two sites (News Site)
    and (Mobile News Site)

    First for its an infant right now. So am trying my level best to make it better and bigger.. and Digg will be the historic moment in my site’s one-month old life :)
    P.S. I made Google Adsense forget its 6 month old rule applicable for India and China by my content ;)

    2nd one is a year old and has nice hits but nothing like being Godfathered by Digg…
    I will be grateful if you can review both
    Cheers and Thanks!

  23. William Freedom Says:

    I would like to talk the owner of
    for making a wonderful review of my website! Thanks so much!

  24. givejonadollar Says:

    Sounds good. My blog should be a unique and fun one to write about. I imagine I will be doing a lot of reviewing in return for sites that review me and send me good traffic.

  25. Gabriel Says:

    Check it out! :)

  26. Cheryn Says:

    I would like to submit my blog for review too.
    I have just started my blog. But have 2-3 post updates daily.
    Basic idea is that I cannot sew, but I do not lack creativity.
    I draw out everything that I want to create. From dress design, t-shirt
    design, deco, crafts & photography

    People can use the designs as they like, as long as they do not sell it or
    pass it off as their own.

  27. Eric Says:

    Hey man, great post. Here is hoping that you get a chance to review my website:).

  28. Don Joe Says:

    Hello DYDI,

    I write the office comedy blog Workforced, which was featured on the BBC this week. I am a columnist for the UK-based entrepreneur’s magazine Real Business and I am regularly republished on Points in Case, a US-based college magazine.

    Workforced has comfortably over 1,000 readers (built up in under 6 months). My vein of office comedy has struck a major cord with my readers and I comfortably receive 40 unique comments per post.

    I would be very grateful for your review.



  29. Mel Smith Says:

    Hi Mary & the DYDI team,

    I just found this cool site after searching for some of Sean Rasmussen’s other sites! I’d love to submit my blog for a review please, when you get the chance – much appreciated!

    Cheers, Mel :)

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