We’ve had a few problems around the blog lately. You may have noticed that there are weird symbols floating around, and lost categories, tags, and so on. It’s all quite frustrating from this end, and it’s boggled the blogging a bit (say it 10 times fast?) but we are aware and our fearless leader, Sean Rasmussen, is working on it. It appears that there are some server issues and Sean is working as quickly as he can to get those straightened out.

In The Meantime…

We’ll just carry on.

It’s not as if I’m any good on a tech-side anyway, so we’ll let that be Sean’s domain. We’ve been on a great roll lately, and had a few requests come in from our post for blogs to review from the other day. We’d hate to let you all down, so we’ll just forge ahead.

You may notice a few blips, but the content will remain, even if we are minus a few pictures that refuse to load here and there (which we promise to attend to as soon as everything is in working order again).

Please continue to read above all, but also comment and interact. And in case you haven’t yet–do stop by here and tell us who you Digg the most!

We hope it goes without saying, but Sean and I appreciate your patience and your understanding!

Mary Ward
Do You Digg It!
Blog Review Team
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