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Thus far we’ve steered clear of the celebrity element around the blogosphere in our blog reviews, but there comes a point in time when you can no longer deny the entertainment value in “evaluating” celebrity hi-jinks and fashions and enjoying someone’s part in bringing them back down to earth a bit. For our first such blog review, the Snarkstress seems a fitting entrant.

Snarkstress – Why You Should Go

There are two basic reasons to frequent the Snarkstress blog:

• For the pure, uninhibited entertainment of it all.
• For the vicarious venting the Snarkstress provides.

Yes, we all know celebrities to go too far, and even those of us who deem ourselves too “mature” to engage in such snarking need to feed our inner Snark now and again. The Snarkstress fits the bill quite nicely, with her humorous doses of reality and criticism of celebrity craziness. Why does she do it? To set the world straight.

“The Snarkstress has an impeccable taste for fashion. When style falls short she isn’t afraid to point out every painful little detail. When celebrities dress in the morning, they have one thing in mind: impressing The Snarkstress. From red carpets to partying in the city to grabbing milk at the corner store, no style is safe from The Snarkstress’s unwavering gaze, so celebrities… beware.”

Summing Up Snarkstress

The Snarkstress is a fun blog that keeps you up on all the fashion do’s and (more often) don’ts of the celebrity world. Hey—someone had to say it! And the Snarkstress is doing it with style and wit. Kick back, relax, and have a few laughs at the expense of some of the world’s most prominent figures.

Go here to feed your inner Snark and check out Snarkstress.

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