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Behind The Vines

Although we love what Brew Ha Ha is doing, we can’t all be beer lovers, can we? So here’s a review for the wine-at-hearts: Behind the Vines.

Farley Walker writes the Behind the Vines blog, and brings to this blog a love of wine along with a healthy dose of experience and knowledge in the subject. Farley works in a winery in California wine country, where she works and lives her “Wine-Colored dream,” and passes the time by learning to make vinegar and ricotta cheese (hey, what’s wine without cheese, right?).

Behind the Vines – Why You Should Go

In recent years many authors and much of the wine-producing community has striven to bring back the love of wine to the masses. But the mystery and attitude surrounding the enjoyment of fine wines has made many hesitant to jump in. Farley is one who is working to demystify wines, wine enjoyment, and the wine-making process by sharing her knowledge and love of it. Her aim is to invite anyone and everyone with an interest in wines in, and “get you that much closer to finding out which wines are right for you: based on dinner choices, the weather, or maybe the mood you‚Äôre in‚Ķ”

There is nothing snobby about the blog; it is a place where everyone should feel comfortable learning and contributing. Farley’s conversational tone and free-flow of insight make this blog just that kind of place.

Summing Up Behind the Vines

As Farley says, wine is not all about “statistics and facts and chemical balance.” There is a personal side to enjoying wine (fine, cheap or otherwise), and that is what Farley brings to us. Where a brew won’t do a bottle might, so learn what you might want in that bottle from Farley Walker; you’ll find her Behind the Vines.

Go here to check out Behind the Vines.

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4 Responses to “Find Out What’s Behind the Vines”

  1. Farley Says:

    I’m glad you found my style approachable, as that’s always been my goal. Thanks for the review, Mary!

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Very much so Farley. You’re welcome!

  3. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    As a lover of Wine myself, I found this site very good. Well done, Farley

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