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Thoroughbred Fever

If I was a betting person I’d want to take definite consideration of Thoroughbred Fever and what writer Jarrod Horak has to say. After all, his blogging and current career started with invested race winnings (in a computer back in 1996). In this biz timing is everything, and it seems Jarrod has hit it head on a number of times.

Thoroughbred Fever – Why You Should Go

Alas, I am not a betting kind of girl, and so my interest in Jarrod Horak’s blog comes more from a love and admiration of the horses on the scene than anything. It’s hard to deny the power and beauty of the world’s best thoroughbred racers. In either case, if you love thoroughbreds, you’ll love this blog. It’s everything racing, including handicaps and predictions, recaps, news, and more. What’s even better is the quality and experience behind it, and seeing the world of racing through the eyes of someone who has been following racing for at least 13 years. (Of course, we make no recommendations as far as betting goes…we bring you the goods for a blog of note based on its quality and interesting content).

Summing Up Thoroughbred Fever

Jarrod Horak is living his passion and inviting you in to share it with him. For your love of horses,

Go here to check out Thoroughbred Fever.

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