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This Eclectic Life

Technically Shelly Kneupper Tucker‘s blog is a personal blog, but when you are a professional storyteller, very little of your personal life escapes the eyes of your profession; and so it is that This Eclectic Life is an eclectic mix of storytelling life [in Texas], and curiosities.

This Eclectic Life – Why You Should Go

Blogging was Shelly Kneupper Tucker’s answer to an addiction to online Mahjongg. But like so many addictions, blogging simply became her new addiction—but one that so seamlessly fit into her storytelling life. It’s a blog that gives Shelly pause to quench (temporarily) her inquisitive nature, and extend her storytelling gift to the world. If you are wondering still what the blog is about, Shelly would only have this to say:

“So do I…

It is simply a collage of topics that intrigue me. Scroll through the articles and you will see that nearly everything does. I’m curious about anything and everything, and think the rest of the world should be inquisitive also.”

Summing Up This Eclectic Life

With [unnecessary] apologies for her sassy Texan nature, Shelly entertains and delights with her enthusiastic takes on life. Stop on by and ask her to Spin Me A Yarn. And just try not to catch Shelly’s infectious nature.

Go here to check out This Eclectic Life.

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  1. This Eclectic Life Says:

    Mary, thank you so much for the kind words! As my Mamaw would say, “I’m plumb tickled.”

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    You’re very welcome. And so is your Mamaw :)

  3. This Eclectic Life » Some Thank You’s And An Invitation Says:

    [...] Ward, at Do You Digg It wrote an unexpected review of This Eclectic Life. I was tickled pink when I read it, and I want to thank Mary for making me sound much more [...]

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