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The List Maven

Who doesn’t enjoy a good list now and again? Or, for us more obsessive-compulsive types, several times a day?

Whether you admit to it or not, we all have an affinity for lists. Which makes The List Maven an ideal women’s blog.

The List Maven – Why You Should Go

The List Maven, maintained by two B5 Media/Splendicity bloggers, Rachel Segal and Mary Jo Manzanares, is a blog targeted primarily towards a women’s audience packed with fun and informative lists of…well, just about anything a girl could want. From celebrity flubs to top chocolate treats, beauty products, fashion trends, and more, The List Maven has it all…and all of it in nicely compact, simple lists that allow us to enjoy it all despite our constant states of busyness and overwhelm (you might even find a list to help with that!).

Summing Up The List Maven

The List Maven makes keeping up in a harried world simple. These ladies hit all the best subjects relating to fashion and beauty and more, and deliver it in an easy-to-commit-to format of fun and entertaining easy reads. For fly-by fashion advice and more…

Go here to check out The List Maven.

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