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From Komi to Marvin

From Komi to Marvin might most succinctly be described as a restaurant review blog for the Washington, DC area; but it is much more than that—it’s an adventure!

From Komi To Marvin – Why You Should Go

From Komi to Marvin is the blog chronicle of one blogger who has made it a mission to eat at every restaurant in the respected Washingtonian’s Best Restaurants of 2009 review list—in just one year’s time. And yes, this blogger is aware that that equates to about one restaurant every three days. It’s an adventure in food, fun, and sometimes fiascos that shouldn’t be missed, particularly for those looking for the real best dining experiences around Washington DC.

To date, only about 43 restaurants appear on the list. That means that the blog has reviewed approximately 57 of the best restaurants in and around the Washington DC area, all the while also chronicling the stories behind the stories and the tales of each experience.

Summing Up From Komi to Marvin

So do these restaurants measure up? Are they worth their weight in media gold? There’s only one place for answers like that, and that is this blog. Come for the good eats and story treats, and get the real scoop on the best of the best of Washington DC eateries and restaurants.

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