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Amy Weber

Amy Weber is the official blog site of Hollywood-based actress and model Amy Weber. Amy figured that everyone else was blogging, and she should be, too! Amy’s reason for blogging:

I started to feel like I was left out of the loop since even billionaires like Donald Trump and celebrities like Rosie and Alyssa Milano have blogs and I didn’t…. so here it is

Amy uses her blog to let fans gain insight into her life, get to know her, get to know that she’s about more than just being an actress and a pretty face, and to highlight issues that are important to her. Hers is a mixed-bag of a blog that brings lots to readers.

Amy Weber’s Blog – Why You Should Go

The simple reasons you’d want to read what Amy has to say would be of course that you are a fan or admirer. But Amy’s blog is worth the cyber-trip for the same reasons you would frequent any ‘regular’ girl’s blog – Amy is a person of character and interest, sharing her world and her thoughts with you.

Amy talks about important things like the environment and animals, and our personal safety in the internet age. She also reveals her hobbies and interests, and lots of things about her that you otherwise wouldn’t know. All that, and pictures of a woman voted one of the sexiest women in the world!

Getting back to the fame thing, Amy Weber’s blog is a great place to go to see that celebrities are people, too, and that many can actually lead normal lives! If you are interested in what really makes this dynamic woman tick, go to the source and read it straight from Amy herself.

Summing Up Amy Weber’s Blog

It seems we’ve just about said it all already – Amy Weber is an actress and model of interest, gracious enough to open up and share her world with her friends, family, and fans. She’s personable, approachable, and cares enough to reach out in real ways to the outside.

Go and check out Amy Weber’s Blog for yourself and digg it.

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