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The Songs in My Head

The Songs in My Head is a blog dedicated to the songs that get stuck in the blogger’s head, often upon waking. The blogger started by simply posting the songs in his/her head on Facebook, but soon decided that it warranted its own blog. The blogger doesn’t just list the song, but typically provides a link so that we can listen along, too.

The Songs in My Head– Why You Should Go

As simple as it is, this is actually a pretty interesting blog if you’re a music lover. Since the blogger has been posting songs nearly every day, and sometimes twice a day for over a year, there’s a lot of music on this site. You’ll gain a lot of insight into the blogger’s taste by visiting and you’ll likely find some cool tunes you never heard of before too. If you grew up during the 1970s and 1980s, you’ll really like this site, because you’ll probably share a lot of the writer’s musical tastes.

Summing Up The Songs in My Head

Great music, reflective of coming of age in the 70s and 80s and of living in today’s musical world.

Go here to check out The Songs in My Head.

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  1. sooze Says:

    Hey Mary – thanks so much for the review. It’s really thoughtful and nicely written. I appreciate that you stayed gender-neutral with my identity (I guess it’s not clear from my posts?) but I am officially a she, just fyi. :) I’ve already started getting some hits from DoYouDiggIt – many thanks!


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