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Drinks After Dark

Somehow reviews for drink- and cocktail-inspired blogs just seem so fitting for the weekends. By now few of us probably have much energy left for complex intellectual blogs, and are no doubt open to blogs that help us wind down and enjoy the after hours a little more. In the past we’ve reviewed beer blogs and wine blogs, but today we take a broader vision to a blog that covers a bit of it all. Colleen Coplick’s Drinks After Dark offers a wider range including cocktails, beers, and wines.

Drinks After Dark – Why You Should Go

Drinks After Dark isn’t just about drink recipes, it’s about anything and everything related to drinks of choice and cocktails. That includes cooking with beer and wine, posts about how to buy and enjoy various drinks and liquors, gadgets and collector’s items, reviews, and stories about cocktails in the news. There’s really a lot more to know than you might imagine, and this blog is an informative and interesting resource.

Summing Up Drinks After Dark

There’s something for everyone at Colleen’s place, where the drink talk flows freely and the conversation is relaxing. Pick your passion and join in, make some friends and come away with a new appreciation and enjoyment of the world of Drinks After Dark.

Go here to check out Drinks After Dark.

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