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One of the biggest hurdles for environmental change is overcoming the issue of economic stability and business viability. We live in a world where so much of the economy (whether it be local, regional, national, or global), is reliant in some way on dirty fossil fuels. That makes change hard for many who flounder as they try to find a way to make money and continue to thrive as they move toward greener practices. Many simply give up trying.

It’s understandable that going green with a business would be an overwhelming task. It’s understandable that those businesses would need resources and guidance. That is what the BusinessGreen Blog exists for.

BusinessGreen Blog – Why You Should Go

The BusinessGreen Blog is the blogging arm of UK Incisive Media’s BusinessGreen Website. Its mission is to be that much-needed resource for businesses so that they can continue to grow and thrive while moving towards new green, sustainable business practices. From BusinessGreen:

“ is a business website that offers companies the latest news and best-practice advice on how to become more environmentally responsible, while still growing the bottom line.

Companies of all sizes are coming under increasing pressure to make their operations more responsible and sustainable. Considerations of social responsibility have become important in customer satisfaction and staff retention, in the award of contracts and in stock market valuations. is the first publication in the UK that is dedicated to green business information. provides companies with information on how to plan and undertake successful green initiatives that both cut costs and enhance the brand values of their organisations.”

Summing Up BusinessGreen Blog

There are plenty of green blogs and websites dedicated to greener living, but few that focus specifically on business. BusinessGreen takes environmental awareness to the next level, working to solve an important piece of the planet-protection puzzle. It’s a must-stop for business owners, but also a place where the average consumer can go for information and news from the business world to see which companies are giving it their all, and to learn about green business practices that might be brought back to businesses and employers.

Go here to check out the BusinessGreen Blog.

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