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Digital Immersions

Stephen Frink, author of Digital Immersions, has many credits to his name. He is Director of Photography for Scuba Diving magazine, a published author, and one of the most frequently published underwater photographers. He also runs his own self-named School of Underwater Digital Imaging, a work that serves largely as the base of his blog. With a resume like that, (and that’s just the beginning) it’s hard to imagine him having time to blog, too. But he does, and his craft is our gift at his Digital Immersions blog.

Digital Immersions – Why You Should Go

The resume sort of clears up this question, but to be more specific, Stephen‘s blog is first and foremost a place of education. He uses it in many ways as an extension of his imaging school as a way to reach out to a larger audience and share his tips and techniques with a more far-reaching crowd. If you’ve any interest in underwater photography, this is a blog for you.

That aside, this is a place to go even if you have no interest in ever snapping a single pic of the underwater world. As mentioned, Stephen is a true professional, and the blog is worth going back time and again just to enjoy the sites. The images Stephen captures are nothing short of amazing, and something few of us will ever have the fortune to experience.

Summing Up Digital Immersions

Stephen’s blog is worth your time, for all the reasons mentioned here. Go for the facts or go for the fun, but prepare to be entertained either way as you see things from this diver’s eye view.

Go here to check out Digital Immersions.

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