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Journals of an Amateur Naturalist

Many of us share an affinity with nature; if not a direct connection and experience of it at least a curiosity. Others make it their singular hobby, a passion, really, as Jace Stansbury has. Jace is a self-proclaimed amateur naturalist who uses his blog to share his love of nature, the creatures within it, and the stories he thinks are worth sharing.

Journals of an Amateur Naturalist – Why You Should Go

Jace is a US amateur naturalist, and many of his posts and the creatures that he spotlights are found there. That presents an opportunity for naturalists around the world to learn more about the animals that the common person comes into contact with, as opposed to what you might learn about in mainstream press. This blog is more like a living field guide that shows the diversity of the wildlife Jace explores, on a more intimate and personal basis. For those more local, Jace Stansbury’s blog is an opportunity to see what you might be missing in your own back yard, and how you might enjoy it.

Summing Up Journals of an Amateur Naturalist

Jace Stansbury writes with an obvious passion and impressive depth of knowledge for one who claims the title of ‘amateur’. This is an interesting nature blog written with care and concern for creatures and habitats far and wide, a good place to learn about supporting wildlife and enjoying the great outdoors.

Go here to check out Journals of an Amateur Naturalist.

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