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Achieving Sustainability

Remember Sustainable Dave? The guy that isn’t throwing anything “away” for a whole year? Remember my saying that he maintains another blog? Well, folks, this is it.

Achieving Sustainability is the second blog maintained by Sustainable Dave, the man on a mission to stop carelessly throwing his refuse to another location somewhere out of sight and out of mind. Naturally, though, when you start looking into just how you can better the earth and minimize your impact upon it, you are bound to learn a few (hundred) great tips and tricks for lessening your impact in myriad other ways.

Achieving Sustainability – Why You Should Go

Sustainability has become a wish and a hope for many; a wish and hope, and a goal, and one that people conceptualize in different ways. Knowing the effort that Dave has put into just his waste removal, though, I think we can trust him as the “real deal.” So you can bet that what you learn from Dave is something that has not been taken lightly, and that can make a big impact in your more sustainable life, and the life of the planet. To that end on this blog Dave offers that “Herein, with any luck, you will find common sense practices, interesting tidbits, party stopping factoids, and generally amusing anecdotes (at least to the writer anyway) on our quest to achieve sustainability.”

Summing Up Achieving Sustainability

Yes, we are given this blog, too, in true Dave fashion, complete with amusing asides, and chuck-full of good information, mostly apolitical, but analytical when the need presents. Frequent this blog of Dave’s, too, to see what else you can do, and what else you should know about Achieving Sustainability.

Go here to check out Achieving Sustainability.

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