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The Shoe Girl’s Blog

The Shoe Girl is all about shoes – and the higher the heels the better. If you’re into fashion, particularly shoe fashion, you’ll love the author’s finds.  You’ll also love it if you’re a fan of Christian Louboutin’s designs.

The Shoe Girl’s Blog– Why You Should Go

The author is a shoe designer in California, so she’s completely up to date on the latest shoe styles and trends. And, she’s obsessed with high heels, so if you’re a fan of them too, you’ll really appreciate the cool shoes she finds and models. She gives you links to where you can buy the shoes and their prices, too.

Summing up the Shoe Girl’s Blog

Great info on the latest styles in footwear, and just a plain old fun site for shoe lovers. Some of the high heels modeled are completely outrageous, some are fun, some are sexy and some are girly. But, they’re all totally cool, especially if you’re a high heel lover.

Go here to check out The Shoe Girl’s Blog.

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