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Organic. Period.

Organic. Period. Is more than a gardening blog, it is an entire course in living green, healthy, and organic. Our resident organic gardener takes us throughout the year on a journey to achieve a higher level of simplicity and health.

Organic. Period. – Why You Should Go

It’s a gardening blog, yes. That’s undeniable. But it is also an organic blog. The blog focuses on “what matters”—the “pure and simple” side of life. This is a blog to go to to plan for the organic garden and organic lifestyle all the year round. Our guide walks us through gardening, planning, and organic topics each month, discussing the issues and tasks at hand for the time. Along the way, you’ll learn many things about organic food production, DIY organic growing, and the lifestyle topic as a whole. You’ll also be treated to posts to inspire your mind and set it at ease. The author invites you to,

“Learn to live a greener lifestyle, one step at a time… [through] articles about organic gardening, green living, energy efficiency, renewable resources, and many other related topics.”

Summing Up Organic. Period.

The organic lifestyle somehow has gotten a reputation as a complex and delicate thing, but in reality it is not. It is a lifestyle that relies on simplification and a step back to the natural state of the things. It’s all very simple, really, and that is what this blog has set out to show. For a simpler life…

Go here to check out Organic. Period.

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