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The Dirty Radish

The Dirty Radish is a site dedicated to food. The author covers everything from planting to harvesting to cooking and freezing the food she’s grown. It’s a great site for people interested in growing the things they use in their kitchen and for people dedicated to finding new ways to use ingredients.

The Dirty Radish– Why You Should Go

It’s a fun and functional way of looking at food. The tips, suggestions and recipes are ones you’ll actually use, and the writing is fresh. It’s very much a personal blog, but has appeal for anyone who likes to vegetable garden and cook. Following the author’s garden for this summer and her food stockpiling in preparation for the upcoming birth of her baby is fun and interesting.

Summing Up The Dirty Radish

A foodie site that goes a bit further than many others because it starts at the very beginning; the planting stage. She helps people learn to grow their own food and then harvest it and use it sensibly and economically in their own kitchens. It’s kind of “pioneer woman” but thoroughly for today.

Go here to check out The Dirty Radish.

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