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The Token Fat Girl

The “token fat girl” has battled her weight all her life, and has felt like “the odd girl out” most of the time. Today, she’s on a mission to lose the weight naturally. She blogs to help others on their weight loss mission and to talk openly and candidly about how being overweight affects your life.

The Token Fat Girl– Why You Should Go

She’s funny and she’s honest. If you’re trying to lose weight, you’ll appreciate her support, her motivation and her tips about eating well and living healthier. She’s a role model for young girls who struggle with their weight. She doesn’t deny it, and she’s trying to lose it, but she doesn’t let it stop her from having a fun life.

Summing Up The Token Fat Girl

Honest and inspiring blog about struggling with your weight and living the life you want to live. She’s energetic, enthusiastic and writes some pretty funny and insightful stuff.

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