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Cancer Commentary

The hard, sad, truth is that there is probably not one of us out there who has not been affected in some way by cancer. Whether it is a personal experience or diagnosis or the diagnosis of a friend or family member, most of us are far too intimate with the topic. It’s an issue we don’t like to think about, but one that we are forced to deal with at some point down the line. Marijke at Cancer Commentary understands this, and gives us a resource that helps us make sense of it all.

Cancer Commentary – Why You Should Go

Given the many, many forms that cancer can take, and the many ways it can impact upon on our lives, there is a great need for meaningful information and discussion on the topic. That is what Cancer Commentary provides. It is a primarily an informational blog that seeks out and delivers news from all angles regarding cancer—research and development, treatment news, statistics, reports, and more. But the blog also speaks from the more human and compassionate side, discussing the issues and opening up a forum where those who are touched by the disease can come for help and support.

Summing Up Cancer Commentary

Cancer Commentary covers a great range of topics related to cancer. This is a place, as Marijke describes it, for “Caring about cancer – as a patient, a caregiver, a survivor, or an onlooker”; one that will help you cope, help you make sense of the information that is out there, and one that can help you understand the risks and preventative options available to you. For your own health and interest,

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