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Dietriffic is not just a blog for losing weight. It is a whole-health and nutrition blog focusing on evidence-based nutrition information to help you establish a healthy, balanced diet and eating habits.

Dietriffic – Why You Should Go

Dietriffic is the blog of Melanie Thomassian, a degree-holding registered dietitian in Ireland. Melanie certainly has the credentials to back her blog, not only from the perspective of education and licensing but also in communicating, blogging, and writing. Melanie is an expert writer for several nutrition sites and has been featured on still others.

Melanie’s blog was built and is maintained as a site where people can come for real, founded, solid information from a professional with a firm understanding of her field. Understanding that so much of the diet and nutrition information out there is simply mind-boggling to the lay person, Melanie developed her blog as a place to learn what’s real and what’s not, and cut the confusion out of maintaining good health through a healthy diet. She says,

“…as someone who is passionate about nutrition, my desire is to empower people like you to possess a better understanding of what it takes to live a healthy lifestyle.
If you’re after a personal blog, full of contradictory ideas and advice which isn’t founded on evidence, you’ve come to the wrong place.

Dietriffic is about evidence based information, equipping people with reliable advice.”

Summing Up Dietriffic

Dietriffic is a site that can finally help you make sense of the flood of nutritional and dietary information that is out there. When you want the real, whole truth on what’s good for you, come see Melanie and her site full of solid nutrition information.

Go here to check out Dietriffic.

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