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Workout Mommy

For blogger Lisa motivating herself to work out and be fit and healthy was never the problem. That is, until she had children. That’s when (as any parents can relate) her life changed and working out and exercising became much more of a challenge. That is the challenge she is rising to meet at her blog, Workout Mommy.

Workout Mommy – Why You Should Go

Working out and staying fit and healthy was always a part of Lisa’s life. Before kids, Lisa was a personal trainer, fitness instructor, and self-described “fitness junkie”—all titles she intended to keep when she became a parent. Of course, that is where the real challenge started.

Once her children arrived on the scene, Lisa became acutely aware of just how difficult it could be to balance parenting and children and fitness. But knowing how important good fitness was to her health and well-being, she wasn’t ready to quit, either. Out of her effort to be fit and find time for exercise, her blog grew. Today the blog is a top-shelf resource for parents to not only deliver information about fitness and exercise (from an obviously qualified source), but also to learn to balance that effort and find the time and motivation.

Lisa’s experience is not so different than that of any parent, but her blog is here to help both moms and dads to achieve and maintain good fitness and health:

“I struggle with finding the time each day and making myself stay fit. It’s a struggle, I won’t lie to you. But it is one that is worth it. My goal with this blog is to provide motivation, inspiration, and ideas on how to fit in exercise, fitness, and health in your busy mommy day. After all, a fit mommy is a happy mommy!”

Summing Up Workout Mommy

Lisa is in a unique place to really help parents stay fit and healthy with her combined experience as a trainer and parent. Offering hers as a blog of “fitness and exercise tips for busy moms and dads,” this may just be the blog that helps you strike the balance and maintain your good health.

Go here to check out Workout Mommy.

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