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Fit Buff

Fit Buff is the blog of Brandon, a self proclaimed fitness buff. Brandon started out as a skinny kid, who wanted to get buff, and has learned a few tricks along the way. He shares his education about nutrition, weight training and gaining weight, (but not too much) through his blog.

Fit Buff – Why You Should Go

Brandon offers some very sensible advice from the perspective of someone who’s been there. He’s learned to get his body in shape and gain weight through muscle building because of research, trial and error. He offers advice that most anyone can follow and shares his personal experiences. If you’re trying to improve your fitness and add muscle mass, you’ll enjoy this site.

Summing Up Fit Buff

Fit Buff is honest and candid about the struggles and successes of building muscle through nutrition and training. It offers great tips to others who are trying to reshape their bodies through weight training.

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