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Follow the Fat Girl

Follow the Fat Girl is the personal blog of an aspiring writer who has struggled with a lifelong weight problem. Christy once lost over 150 pounds and managed to gain most of it back in less than two years. She struggles with losing weight again, but is working to get healthy in a healthy way.

Follow the Fat Girl – Why You Should Go

If you struggle with your weight, you’ll appreciate this site. You’ll particularly appreciate reading how Christy’s mindset is changing about her body, her self esteem and her reasons for wanting to lose weight. She has reached a point in her life where losing is all about health and not about vanity, which is what makes for a healthy dieter and a successful loser. Dieters everywhere, especially those with lots to lose will enjoy sharing their journey with Christy.

Summing Up Follow the Fat Girl

A well written blog about the struggles of a young woman who has battled obesity her entire life.

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