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For Greet

For Greet is a site dedicated to helping a friend overcome MS. The site is written by Colleen O’Shea, whose friend Greet has Multiple Sclerosis. Greet was diagnosed in her early thirties with the disease, as was her mother.

For Greet – Why You Should Go

This blog is written to help others who suffer from Multiple Sclerosis, and to get the word out about the disease, living with it, and helping to find a cure for it. If you have MS or know someone who does, you’ll find this site valuable. As the author points out, MS is a disease that doesn’t get as much press as many other illnesses, but is just as debilitating.

Summing Up For Greet

Though this site was designed to help the author’s friend cope with her MS, it contains a lot of good information about problems associated with MS and about treatments that can make living with MS less of a struggle. The author works hard to stay abreast of developments in research and presents them on the site. There’s also a good list of other resources and blogs of interest to those living with MS.

Go here to check out For Greet.

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