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Health Geek Online is a blog designed to healthy living and weight management without all the hype. The blog is written by a fed up dieter, who decided to tackle weight and health issues sensibly, without buying into all the fads and trends of the diet industry. The result is a blog that’s sensible and sane- and one with tips that can help you maintain a healthy weight and body.

Health Geek Online– Why You Should Go

It’s a very sensible site, with tips you’ll actually use. There are some great recipes that will help you to incorporate more fruit into your life –which is something we could all use. The site is well written, and contains information on a wide range of health issues – not just weight loss. I can’t wait for watermelon season to try the watermelon juice recipe.

Summing Up Health Geek Online

Good information on staying healthy without going crazy. Good recipes and sensible advice. If you’re trying to stay healthy, you’ll appreciate the tips.

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