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John Is Fit

John is Fit is the personal story of one man, John, and his dedication to achieving the health and fitness goals he has set for himself. You might be surprised, though, with the stark honesty and tenacity of this blogger—and no doubt you will find that in and of itself compelling and inspiring.

John Is Fit – Why You Should Go

John will be the first to tell you that he is not fit, he is fat. I say that in no way to insult this man, as the fact that he can be so abruptly honest about that fact is exactly what makes his blog the place of learning and inspiration that it is. John is a normal person with the same normal struggles with weight and health that the average person has, and he is not afraid to admit it.

John started blogging in 2007 and has continued throughout all his successes and setbacks. Just his personal experience alone is hugely motivating, but he doesn’t stop there—he backs it up with information and resources to aide and assist his readers as he helps himself.

Summing Up John Is Fit

John’s brutal honestly and tenaciousness makes his blog. This is not a place where you will come and feel alone—it is a place where you can share this very real, human experience, and learn loads along the way. You’ll make many friends, find links to all the information and resources you could need, and gain the support of many between John and his blog community.

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