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Health Kick Resolution

Here’s one New Year’s Resolution blog that hasn’t lost its steam—pretty impressive since we’re past the mid-year mark! Join in the fun now and follow along with this dedicated blogger for a healthier you by the next New Year!

Health Kick Resolution – Why You Should Go

Health Kick Resolution is the blog of Dena White, a freelance writer who resolved early in the year to make more time for health and fitness. She also started a Facebook group as a place of community, support, and information.

On the blog, Dena discusses many options for health and fitness and tips and tricks for staying on track. Between her blog and her Facebook group Dena has stockpiled many resources for information, motivation, and support. Dena leaves no stone unturned, going far beyond the trendy and obvious and exploring a host of ways to lose weight and get fit.

Summing Up Health Kick Resolution

Dena White has created a community of support and an excellent resource for the regular guys and girls who want to get fit and live better for healthier days. Join in the fun and community and benefit from Dena’s devoted research.

Go here to check out Health Kick Resolution.

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