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MS Strength

MS Strength is the personal blog of Jenn, who suffers from Multiple Sclerosis. The blog is designed to discuss the ongoing struggles that MS can bring and to help other MS sufferers find solutions to common problems and to share with others in the same situation.

MS Strength– Why You Should Go

Not only is MS Strength a great place for sufferers of Multiple Sclerosis to find support, but it’s also a great source of information about the disease, treatments and dealing with the symptoms. It’s a great place for a newly diagnosed patient to get up to speed on the illness, as well as for those who have been suffering for years to find support and share their stories.

Summing Up MS Strength

A very good source of information about Multiple Sclerosis and the ongoing struggles that come from living with the disease. Lots of good information on the disease and how to manage it. A great community of readers who are MS sufferers and who want to help others learn to live with MS.

Go here to check out MS Strength.

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