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Reiki Goddess

Reiki Goddess is the second blog site of a Reiki healer Lynda Lippin, and it’s every bit as good as the first.

Reiki Goddess – Why You Should Go

Reiki is spiritual practice which employs energy therapy through the palms. The practice is believed to have healing powers for disease and also to reduce stress. Reiki is all about using positive energy, both in healing, through Reiki sessions, but also in everyday life to combat the negativity in the world.

This site is dedicated to teaching others about Reiki healing. There is also a lot of space devoted to Pilates although, as you may remember Lynda Lippin also writes a blog specifically about Pilates, Pilates Goddess.If you’re interested in learning more about Reiki healing or Pilates, the site has a lot of good information. It is actually one of the few sites that gives an education on Reiki healing, as it is still fairly obscure in the United States and many other parts of the world.

Summing Up Reiki Goddess

Reiki Goddess is the website of an authority in Reiki healing and Pilates. It is a good site for those interested in learning more about this spiritual practice.

Go here to check out Reiki Goddess.

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