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Wii Mommies

Wii Mommies is a site dedicated to helping women lose weight and get in shape using the Wii Fit. The site started after one of the founders, who also has her own blog, reported her story of losing 60 pounds using her Wii Fit. Today, it is the largest site dedicated to fitness through Wii, and has more than 900 members.

Wii Mommies – Why You Should Go

The site was created by three moms who used Wii Fit to get in shape themselves. Each week, each of the Wii Mommies blogs about a different way to use the Wii effectively to get in shape.They have a great concept –using a home gaming device you probably bought for your children to get in shape. And, they have good results. Their community boasts an average weight loss of one to two pounds per week, which is what’s considered a healthy weight loss pace.

Summing Up Wii Mommies

Wii Mommies is a great site for those who want to get in shape using their Wii Fit. There is lots of practical advice and the site is creative and fun. Members share successes, failures and ideas to keep all users motivated.

Go here to check out Wii Mommies.

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