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Hiking With My Brother

J Barnes is out hiking with his brother, and enjoying some of the best scenery and outdoor experiences that Northwest America has to offer. Not to mention the companionship and experience of sharing meaningful living with one of the most important people in his life, his brother.

Hiking With My Brother – Why You Should Go

I’ll be honest, I like this blog simply for its concept—two brothers, sharing a common interest, enjoying the outdoors, living a healthy lifestyle, and sharing quality time together. That was enough to get me to visit the blog from BlogCatalog. It’s almost enough of a reason to review the blog, but then we have that nagging question of content to consider. It didn’t nag for long, however, as the content of this a blog was top-notch, too.

The two brothers blogging share each of their Northwest (USA) hiking adventures with us. They take us virtually to some beautiful and interesting locations, and then back it up with all the best online media tools. For starters, each hike description (which is detailed, compelling, and thorough) is accompanied by a Google Map and trailguru map that shows the location and the trails that were explored (now if I could find some snowmobiling trails tracked on there, I’d be a happy snowmobile blogger for sure!). Even better, the posts include pictures from the hike, and cool virtual features like Photosynth experiences.

Summing Up Hiking With My Brother

Hiking With My Brother has everything you’d want to see in a hiking blog—it’s got the stories from the trail, the media and information to replicate great hikes, reviews of locations and trails, and the virtual experience to go along with it all. If you have any interest in exploring the trails of the Northwest U.S., or even in just living a bit through the adventures of others, this blog is a definite destination for you.

Go here to check out Hiking With My Brother.

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