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Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers is the place where artist Cyndi Lavin proves once and for all that all things are worth keeping—and can be put to higher use with a little imagination and an artistic eye. This is her mixed-media art blog where she shares her passion and her projects, running strong now since 2006.

Layers Upon Layers – Why You Should Go

Cyndi’s battle cry—”Don’t throw ANYTHING out!” is one that has been with her since childhood. It’s one that has served her well in her artistic medium, and served her readers well as they explore the new possibilities that the most unlikely of objects can bring.

In her original introductory post, Cyndi describes her blog as “a mixed media wonderland, where no materials are considered too strange to use in making something!” The projects and pieces she displays on her blog are living proof of that.

In addition to showcasing her own artistic works, Cyndi offers in-depth interviews with artists and creative professionals, instructional posts, reviews, and much, much more.

Summing Up Layers Upon Layers

Layers Upon Layers offers layers upon layers of good reading for the artistically minded. Come for new ideas, inspiration, kids’ crafts, or just to indulge in daily art appreciation.

Go here to check out Layers Upon Layers.

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  1. Cyndi L Says:

    Mary, I am stunned! Thank you so much for your lovely review of my blog. You’ve just brightened up my day :-)

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    Well, you deserve it! Your blog certainly brightens up the ‘net!

    Thank You and You’re Welcome!

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