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“‚Ķsome people couldn‚Äôt relax if they had a lifetime to learn how.”

Obviously Summer Robinson (to whom this quote is attributed) is one of those people; that becomes immediately apparent when you read her blog, Vice/Virtue.

Summer is an avid rock-climber. Being a woman she is something of a minority in the world of climbing. She describes herself as “One girl climber obsessed with news, gear, training, and the human condition.” Whose motto is, ‚ÄúLive intensely your vices and your virtues.‚Äù Her blog is a place where she combines her motto and her passions, delivering news from the climbing world as well as informative and educational posts for newbie’s, would-be’s, and experienced climbers.

Vice/Virtue – Why You Should Go

It’s hard to ignore a person so committed to both her virtues and vices. That type of person is passionate about what they do, and couldn’t hide that passion if they tried (or spent a lifetime trying to learn how). It’s an infective kind of spirit, much like that experienced at The Adventurists’ blog.

Like The Adventurist, Summer Robinson brings us insight into a world that can come only from first-hand experience. For the initiated she is a reliable resource for climbing news and gear reports (among other useful topics); for the uninitiated, she provides an opportunity for exploration into an unknown and exciting world.

Summing Up Vice/Virtue

There’s a lot going on at Vice/Virtue, and a lot of ways to translate the interest of this passionately maintained blog, but one of the best things about it is Summer’s spirit of independence that is so obvious when you read her posts. Not only is hers an independent sport, but Summer works hard to maintain the rights and independence of others in it and related to it by openly discussing controversial topics. Hers is a blog with high interest inside and outside of her niche, written by a woman with a refreshing pride and confidence in her point of view.

Go here to check out Vice/Virtue.

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