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A Postcard A Day

Blogger Sheila has inherited a few things from her father—both the nomadic spirit and a love of postcards. Through her blog she is continuing to revere that spirit and the hobby, and sharing her collection and thoughts along the way.

A Postcard A Day – Why You Should Go

“I’m one of those people who have led a nomadic existence, and so did my parents. My father started collecting postcards as a way to continue this life at least in spirit. I’m continuing the collection and posting at least one, chosen at random, each day.”

It seems the nomadic spirit was born into Sheila‘s blood, as her father’s before her. So his example of fulfilling that love was easily passed on to her. After many years by her father’s side enjoying the postcards and tales from places afar, Sheila began her own collection, which continues on today and has taken on a new life on her blog. Each day, Sheila chooses a new unique postcard from the collection and offers up a little bit of history or story to go along with it, often from the original sender. It’s a unique way to celebrate the diversity of the world in a fun and interesting way.

Summing Up A Postcard A Day

A Postcard A Day is loosely akin to the many picture a day photoblogs that are out there, which are wonderful for their local takes on life around the planet, but with the unique twist of the postcard as subject. The tales from the cards add a very personal and diverse element, much like exploring the world throughout different places and times and walking in the shoes of numerous diverse personalities.

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