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A Dash Of Salty

Some men just seem to know what’s important in life—and Jeffrey Weeks, in my book, is one of them. His blog is evidence of that.

A Dash Of Salty – Why You Should Go

A Dash of Salty is Jeffrey’s blog about everything that matters to him—family, food, and fun seems a fitting summary. Jeffrey blogs from the shores of North Carolina in the States, where he talks about his saltwater fishing adventures, his home, family, garden, movies, and entertainment. Along the way he treats us to delicious recipes (primarily for his seafood fare) and tempting pictures—not just of the food, but of just about everything that is going on in his life and on the blog.

Jeffrey’s version of the blog’s summary:

“Posts on saltwater fishing, popular entertainment, sports, gardening, the world at large, and the family at hand.”

Summing Up A Dash Of Salty

Jeffrey Weeks seems to have struck a most harmonious balance in life. His blog is entertaining, interesting, and in many ways relaxing, as there is something quite comforting about knowing that there are people out there who just simply “get it”—life, that is.

Go here to check out A Dash of Salty.

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