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The Adventurist

If you are, or have ever dreamt of being, an alpine mountain climber or all around outdoor enthusiast, Jason Hendricks’ The Adventurist is a blog you’ll want to read. Jason brings the world of outdoor adventure into your home daily (often several times a day) by chronicling the lives and times of alpine climbers, hikers, and outdoor adventurers like himself.

The Adventurist – Why You Should Go

Jason’s blog is a must-read for people who share his passion for adventure, climbing and the outdoors. And being that his is among the top mountaineering and adventure blogs in the world, there’s a good chance those of you who share that passion are already regular readers of Jason’s.

Perhaps what is more impressive, though, is that The Adventurist is equally appealing to those of us who are—shall we say, less physically motivated (politically correct enough for you?)? Jason writes interesting posts that really let you see and feel the adventure through the eyes and ears of climbers and outdoorsmen and women from all over the world. He gives you the opportunity to learn things about the sport that you never even knew you wanted to know, including posts and first-hand accounts from premier climbers—like Alan Arnette of Mt. Everest fame (covering major climbs is one of the primary talents of the blog, including an almost 90-post account of Everest 2008).

Summing Up The Adventurist

Some of us are doers and some of us are dreamers, and even those of us who would never dream of climbing a place as inhospitable as Mt. Everest still feel a draw and some level of connection to it. For both types The Adventurist provides insight and interest into a world that only the doers can take you to. Join Jason and let him take you to the heights of the world, and go along with him, in his words, “From Mt Everest To The Poles: Exploring Adventure One Trip At A Time‚Ķ”

Go here to check out The Adventurist.

Mary Ward
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11 Responses to “Vicarious Adventure And Outdoor Enthusiasm From The Adventurist”

  1. The Adventurist Says:

    Mary, thank-you. I always appreciate kind words. Just a little tip-off, beginning in August I will be covering the Shackleton Centenary Expedition to the South Pole. This expedition, for you history buffs out there, will feature the family of Ernest Shackleton, retracing his famous voyage in 1909 that broke the way for the eventual discovery of the Pole. Should be exciting. I will be offering up interviews and a bit more information in the days ahead. Thanks for the review–especially a good one…haha. Always appreciate that.

  2. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Hi Jason
    Sounds like great fun! My good friend, Peter Bland was the first Australian to venture to both the North and South Magnetic Poles. ( not first one there – first to go to both). Keep up the good work, mate. Fantastic blog!

  3. Mary Ward Says:

    Wow. You guys hang with a higher achieving crowd than I do. At least as physical exertion goes…but seriously, Sean, that’s really an accomplishment. Must be very cool to know a guy who’s been to both ends of the earth!

    And Jason, you’re welcome. I found myself surprisingly interested in your blog. We’re increasing our outdoor activities more and more (and not they’re not all gas powered), trying to keep the kids trim and healthy, but alpine climbing is something I just don’t ever see myself doing! Something about a fear of death.

  4. The Adventurist Says:

    First of, Sean, sounds like you have good company. Can you put me in touch with Peter? I might be interested in an interview or something for the site. Could be quite interesting. Thanks for the kind words and hope you kep reading. I have some fun is store for the coming months-
    The Shackleton Expedition will be col with the history etc.

    Mary: Glad you have found a slightly newer interest. I just don’t understand the fear of won’t even know…geez. Just kidding. Sometimes fear can be a great energy and motivator, but sometimes it holds us back, as well. I believe in God. Whatever he has in store, I am just along for the ride…Cheers-

  5. Mary Ward Says:

    Fear of dying on a snowmobile without time to think about it…ok. Fear of dying a slow death cold and frozen in an oxygen-deprived environment far from friends and family (because I know none of them would go either)…not so much.

    …It’s just how I am :)

  6. The Adventurist Says:

    You don’t necessarily have to die cold and frozen–you can always fall off…lol..that’s the quicker way, but I don’t recommend it. Luckily, for what I do and everyone I know, I have not lost one friend to the mountains yet. I do keep my fingers crossed constantly, though. Had two good scares this year. One was Alan Arnette on Denali/Mt. McKinley and the other was David Tait on Everest this season-luckily they were both ok and able to climb another day. By the way, Alan Arnette has a great site on climbing that he runs when he’s not out there– check it out. I always learn something from him.

  7. Sean Rasmussen Says:

    Sure thing, Jason. Peter (PR Pete) is never shy to meet another adventurer. Maybe I can get an interview with both of you on video one day.
    Here’s an article and some videos with Peter Bland on my other blog:

  8. Mary Ward Says:

    Way to come together, guys!

    Yes, Jason, I think I would prefer to fall off and die quickly.

    I am glad that you and yours have stayed safe, though. I suppose like anything else there is an inherent risk, and it’s something that just has to be worthwhile. I could definitely see how that could be the case. Being out in ‘no man’s land’ is part of the reason we snowmobile. Bill’s always reminding me to stop and take in the natural wonder. But I still prefer to sleep in a nice warm bed at ride’s end! :)

  9. Mary Ward Says:

    Hey if you guys do arrange a video be sure to share!

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