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Cottage On The Edge

Cottage On The Edge is the DIY dream-home blog of Gary Gudbranson.

Cottage On The Edge – Why You Should Go

Living life in a Cottage on the Edge, one built from passion and with his own two hands, has been the dream of DIY’er Gary Gudbranson for some time. Gary is now living his dream and blogging about it as he goes.

The Cottage on the Edge blog is a chronicle of Gary’s DIY life, filled with stories, how to’s, tutorials, resources, and even tips of what NOT to do in terms of DIY home construction and home improvement. It’s a great blog to follow for the information that it delivers, but also for the purpose of sharing with people with like-minded spirits of self sufficiency and accomplishment.

Summing Up Cottage On The Edge

Cottage On The Edge is another excellent home improvement and DIY resource. Join Gary and company to learn how to—or how not to—perform your next home improvement or construction project.

Go here to check out Cottage On The Edge.

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