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Slanch Report

The Slanch Report is a sports blog with a twist. It celebrates sports, baseball in particular, but also embraces the fun and satire of the world of sports. Either way, you’ll likely find something here to keep yourself entertained. And you don’t even necessarily have to be a sports fan to do it!

Slanch Report – Why You Should Go

The Slanch Report is a place to go to follow along in the world of sports, but mostly a place to be entertained by the world of sports—and the quirky, fun, satirical, sarcastic news and happenings that goes along with it. It’s a mixed bag of what you’ll find, but if you have the mindset for it, you’re sure to find something of interest and value. There is even a page in celebration of the Olympics, albeit one probably more appreciated by fans of the male persuasion. If you’re looking for something categorized as class you might want to keep looking, but if you’re looking for laughs you’ve landed in a good place:

“The Slanch Report loves baseball dearly and will report a lot on it. We shall also strive to bring you the best possible coverage of all the other sports out there, bringing you the best plays, the wierdest stories, the cases of idiocy and of course, the hot women that intersect therein. We believe in class and etiquette but rarely muster the effort ourselves. We do applaud it.

Our efforts are in humor and you should find them that way, or not, either way join in. If you do not enjoy your time here that’s unfortunate; you are probably wrong about something. Regardless, if you think of something to say, say it.” –the Slanch Report

Summing Up Slanch Report

What more can be said? You’ll love it or you’ll hate it, but that’s the beauty of the internet—the freedom to express and the freedom to disregard. But you might as well at least give it a try.

Go here to check out Slanch Report.

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