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That’s So Sketch

Awkward photos are not restricted to the family photo album, and this blog proves it. There are enough sketchy photos to go around for more than one blog.

That’s So Sketch – Why You Should Go

That’s So Sketch is a new blog that has just come on the scene. It is bringing to you some of the most humorous photos and videos on the Internet (and some of the most humorously disturbing, too).

On this blog you’ll find a collection of pictures and videos that entertain and boggle the mind in a “What were they thinking?” kind of way. It’s an eye-opening experience that’s worth more than a few laughs.

Have something to share? You are more than welcome to email them through the site and get the word out.

Summing Up That’s So Sketch

That’s So Sketch is self-described as “A New Blog About Anything Sketchy, Shady, or Suspicious.” It’s a blog that’ll raise a few eyebrows and get its fair share of laughs—a place to lighten your day a bit.

Go here to check out That’s So Sketch.

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