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El Blog De La Sourdough

How many times have you read a funny email, or something on a website somewhere in cyberspace, and think that it would be great to post for others on your blog? But then practicality takes over and you realize that your well-focused blog may just not be the right place for this. After all, you’ve developed a unique community and it’s important to keep that readership engaged. To be sure that it is, but if only there were a place where these notable posts could live in the blogosphere…

Today, there is. On the Blog De La Sourdough, Steve Fields (a contributor on Sky’s Every Day Heroes blog) allows his ‘friend’ sourdough free access to his site where he can go post-happy with the best and worst of the web.

El Blog De La Sourdough – Why You Should Go

Sourdough has an eclectic and sometimes strange sense of humor, but overall his posts have an intelligent base behind them. They can infuriate and entertain (depending on who is reading them). Sourdough seems to have a refreshingly strong sense of self and belief, and he’s not afraid to show it with the posts that he puts forth! It’s a nice change from the waffling middle ground.

Summing Up El Blog De La Sourdough

That being said, there’s a good chance that you won’t like what you see on this blog. The beauty of blogging is, though, that we all get to explore that of interest and belief to us and then build a community around it. And either way, there’s only one way for you to know whether this is a guy you’ll love or hate, or love to hate as the cards sometimes fall. You’ll have to go over and see what Steve and his good buddy are up to in the Netherlands of Alaska and decide for yourself.

Go here to check out el blog de la sourdough.

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