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The Daily Blonde

The Daily Blonde is the work of Cheryl Phillips, a single mother of five with a quick wit—and she’s not afraid to use it. She’s a woman with convictions and a fearless sense of humor, offering up her opinions and commentary to brighten your day and support her causes of choice as she vents about politics (less the issues—more the players), Pepsi, and life in general.

The Daily Blonde – Why You Should Go

Cheryl describes herself as a woman with “lots to say, a big sense of humor, and low tolerance for people who don’t know how to laugh! I’m far from a feminist. I can’t imagine even getting along with Gloria Steinem. I live life without a filter on my mouth. I say it like it is but never with the intent to hurt…just to share a laugh about this crazy thing called life!” In this spirit she takes on anything that strikes her interest, mostly for amusement’s sake except for when it counts. When does it count for The Daily Blonde? When the issues are worth caring about—issues like children and family and breast cancer awareness.

Summing Up The Daily Blonde

Cheryl Phillips brings a refreshingly open and honest voice to her blog. She means no harm and does no harm while delivering lots of quirky laughs. Join Cheryl for some ditzy (her word choice, not mine) humor and learn to take a less serious lease on life.

Go here to check out The Daily Blonde.

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4 Responses to “Daily Dose Of The Daily Blonde”

  1. Cheryl Phillips Says:

    Imagine my surprise when I found this review of my site. I’m so, so flattered. Mary Ward, you are my hero.

    The word ditzy is so fun…there are times when I use the blonde, left handed, Polish thing as a cover…people expect less when they assume you’re ditzy. ;)

    Thank you so much!! Come on by and visit the blondie anytime!!

    a/k/a The Daily Blonde

  2. Mary Ward Says:

    I love being a hero! Especially to a fellow blonde! (And yes I’ve used that from time to time, too :). It’s a tactic I’m passing on to my girls) ha ha.

    You’re very welcome and I’ll be by for sure-joining you in rooting for the sox!!

  3. Katherine S. (SOLO dot MOM) Says:

    Great review. I also enjoy the Daily Blonde. She also just started a great community for Twitter junkies…

    She not only has a great sense of humor but keeps it real.
    That means a lot.

  4. Mary Ward Says:

    You said it Katherine–that DOES mean a lot!

    Thanks for stopping in!

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