Embracing Awkward

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Awkward Family Photos

Admit it, you have them. Tucked away somewhere in some box for some reason (just can’t bring yourself to throw them away? They wouldn’t fit through the shredder? Saving for future blackmail?), you have a number of photographic family would-be-greats that are just plain awkward. Well now, thanks to this blog, you have a use for them.

Awkward Family Photos – Why You Should Go

Awkward Family Photos is embracing that universal awkwardness and “Spreading the Awkward”. It’s a simple blog concept, really, that has exploded on the viral seen in just the few months it has been around. Now, people from all over the world are sending in their awkward family photos and learning to laugh at their own past posing faux pas.

So what is this site? It’s a chance to laugh and to heal and to finally know that you are not alone. Or, as the editors put it,

“At some point in our lives, someone close to us has made us pose for an uncomfortable photo. Well, here’s your chance to share your family’s awkwardness with the world. Submit family photos, wedding photos, vacation photos, engagement photos, baby photos, etc!

…Although this site is all about having a sense of humor, our intention is not to be mean-spirited. This is a celebration of awkwardness.”

…And a celebration it is. People are lining up to share some borderline disturbing photos (many that go well beyond the point of “Oh, that hair!”), and the media is even getting in on the game (see the attention this young blog is getting).

Summing Up Awkward Family Photos

Awkward Family Photos is good for more than a few good laughs. With its popularity and apparent therapeutic nature, this blog should be around for some time, so get in while the getting’s good and grow as a person as you embrace your inner awkward and finally share with the world that yes, you, too have been in these shoes, and have finally grown enough to overcome it.

Go here to check out Awkward Family Photos…while I go to the closet for that box of circa 1996 wedding pictures that my husband so enjoyed my aunt posing us for!

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    Hey, I know of a similar photo blog called “That’s So Sketch.”


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