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Don’t Feed The Pixies

To explain this blog third-hand would probably do it a disservice. And so we defer to the writer of Don’t Feed The Pixies, who offers us this:

“Don’t Feed The Pixies
Too much latent creativity is bad for the soul. Too many people allow their ideas to slosh around their heads before evaporating into the ether. To combat this D.F.T.P. have set up this blog to allow vent to all those odd thoughts that keep you awake at 4am and would otherwise go unshared.”

Don’t Feed The Pixies – Why You Should Go

As forewarned by the Pixies author, too many unrequited random thoughts can be become a bad thing. And no doubt it has been such floating thoughts that have led many a person into blogging. Most blogs, though, are more focused and tailored to a single subject or related line of subjects to allow for this type of random posting. So it is with relief that we find a blog where the writer has created an outlet for what would otherwise become creativity lost and wasted; in a world of topically-dedicated blogs, Don’t Feed The Pixies offers a refreshing break from the norm.

Summing Up Don’t Feed The Pixies

The topics might be random, as you’d expect a blog based on 4 a.m. pop-in thoughts to be, but it is not at all unentertaining. Even the most benign topics are written with wit and humor, easy to relate to and enjoyable to read, and all the while making it a little easier to take life just a little less seriously.

Go here to check out Don’t Feed The Pixies.

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3 Responses to “Please, Don’t Feed The Pixies”

  1. Lydia Says:

    This is one refreshing, intelligent, humorous, and soulful blog! I’m so glad you reviewed it to bring attention to it!

  2. The Hungry Pixies Says:

    Thanks for the review! I think it’s important to give vent to those odd thoughts we all have – but i do sometimes wonder if mine are odder than most.


    DFTP :)

  3. Mary Ward Says:

    Nah, Pixies. I doubt it. You;re just the only one brave enough to post them across the net! :) You just create the illusion of odder-than-most.

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