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Sometimes reality is just too much to deal with. But a little humor can go a long way in this life, as evidenced by the snarky crew over at the SodBlog.

SodBlog – Why You Should Go

Why should you go? Very simple—for a few laughs, some quirky commentary, and a reminder that not everything in life has to be taken so seriously. Sometimes a good rant or a little sarcasm is all you need to clear your chest and deal with the world. No matter what the topic, there can be humor found in it—just look at the variety of topics the snark leaders offer up at the SodBlog:

• General Sod
• Media
• Politics
• Good Sod
• Bad Sod
• Advertising
• Comics
• Games
• Nostalgia
• Food & Drink
• TV
• Tech

…and still others. Here’s what you can expect to read:

“On any given day, you can read snark-filled posts on a variety of subjects, such as politics, or entertainment, reviews of music and movies and video games, or just general slice-of-life posts on subjects…”

If you are so inclined, you can get in on the action, too. The SodBlog is the work of several volunteer writers, with a “fluid” authorship keeping things fun and interesting. Or, if you prefer, you can just jump in at the Sod Forum and release your inner snark there. And who knows…you might even find love…it’s been known to happen.

Summing Up SodBlog

This isn’t a blog you’ll want to visit with your kids (for adult language more than anything), but it might be a good one to escape from them, and the rest of what plagues your day. When it’s that time of day to relax and release, it’s time to check in at the SodBlog.

Go here to check out SodBlog.

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