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Workforced is a humor blog written by, shall we say, a somewhat disgruntled employee. He’s not really disgruntled about his job in particular, but more about office life and the corporate machine in general. I’m not sure what Don Joe does for a real living, but he should be writing instead.

Workforced– Why You Should Go

It’s hilarious. If you’ve ever worked in an office environment; you’ll get it. Don Joe never fails to catch the absurdity and lost sense of logic that prevails in corporate America. I write a lot of website reviews, and this is the first time I’ve actually laughed out loud. The writing is witty, sarcastic and right on target. The illustrations are fantastic. You’ll add it to your weekly reads. And, I’m not the only one who loves it; Don Joe is quite highly acclaimed.

Summing Up Workforced

Funny, funny, funny blog about working in corporate America. The blog is also quite well done from a layout perspective. It’s pleasing to the eyes.

Go here to check out Workforced.

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3 Responses to “Workforced”

  1. Dave Riley Says:

    Man, that was hilarious! I read a few articles and I had a tear rolling down my face from one. Amazing!

  2. SharleneT Says:

    Do I dig it! I adore it! From the first paragraph on my first visit, I became a follower and I’ve long since retired from office life…but, apparently, things don’t change…

  3. Mr. Paul Maul Says:

    Greetings, Mary. Following your instructions here to see if I may garner a little bump for my own blog which Don Joe of “Workforced” recently discovered and enjoyed. I’m a comedy motivational speaker and the blog puts a satirical self-help spin on news, success, politics and culture. Paul Maul is my alter-ego. I’m also a humor book author with six published titles including the upcoming “Official Dictionary of Sarcasm.”

    Thanks for your consideration and for your very cool site!

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