Beating Scammers At Their Own Game

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An extremely unfortunate side-effect of the internet is the ease of scamming honest people out of hard-earned cash or valuable personal information. Any effort at combating that plague is one that deserves attention, indeed. The efforts at fall right inline. – Why You Should Go is a community blogging effort led primarily by Jay HS. Its aim is to collect and post on the ever-growing collection of scams circling the internet. This is a collective group effort to make this blog a place where people can come to find out if that email they received is in truth a scam, and how they avoid the most potentially dangerous online farces. There are also helpful resources including an Anti-Scam guide and informational articles aimed at helping you avoid being taken (including an oldie but goodie from our own Sean Rasmussen). The site covers topics in a wide variety of arenas, including online, business, ethics, and many, many more.

Summing Up

The scammers out there are getting very good at their craft. That makes it increasingly difficult to tell a legitimate offer from a bogus attempt at getting into your personal or financial information. Hotscams pulls together the collective conscience of the better people online and gives us a fighting chance against those less scrupulous.

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