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Lorelle On WordPress

Having a title created in your honor has to mean that you are a real authority on your subject. When that title is “blog evangelist” that must mean you attack your subject with an interest and enthusiasm that is unmatched elsewhere. So where can you find this unmatched, enthusiastic blog evangelism? At the blog of the blog evangelist herself, Lorelle on WordPress.

Lorelle on WordPress – Why You Should Go

Lorelle VanFossen has more than proven herself as an authority on blogging. She maintains three blogs of her own interest and is the author of Blogging Tips: What bloggers won’t tell you about blogging (a compilation of tips and how-to’s for maximizing your blogging efforts). Her expertise doesn’t stop there, though, Lorelle is also a much sought-after “public speaker, instructor, writer, and consultant on web writing, web design, and blogging, especially working with WordPress.”

This particular blog focuses on WordPress, blogging with WordPress, and the impact of blogging, most especially the impact of blogging with WordPress. It’s a place for general chat and several WordPress stories of interest, but primarily a place to learn how to effectively utilize the platform and benefit from it. Lorelle describes her blog’s purpose as a place to “learn more about blogging and WordPress…with help, tips, advice, and techniques for blogging and using WordPress, and WordPress.com.” In short, “The blogging help you need. Now.”

Summing Up Lorelle on WordPress

Lorelle VanFossen has been given her due as one of the premier voices on blogging and the WordPress platform. Frequent her blog to maximize yours and see how blogging as a whole is changing lives in unconventional ways.

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