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My Thinking Life

Blogger Hisham has developed a blog with a unique concept and spirit. It’s all about what’s on his mind and that of his readers and contributors, and it’s all good.

My Thinking Life – Why You Should Go

Hisham’s My Thinking Life blog is very much an open-concept blog. Its focus began loosely on any web-related topic, but quickly expanded beyond that. This is one of those blogs that does not have one narrow topical focus, but is a place for expression, development, contemplation, and learning on a larger level.

Hisham has only one goal for his blog, and that is to share knowledge. To that end he welcomes quality articles, guest posts, and tips and suggestions on a wide variety of subjects. You’ll never know what to expect next, but you can be sure that it will be interesting.

Perhaps Hisham explains his blog best in just these few words….

“… the purpose of it is sharing knowledge. It’s a captivating and sensitive mix of personal insights and international events. I hope you enjoy the stay…”

Summing Up My Thinking Life

Hisham has landed on a highly effective blog concept, one which has grown his blog into a truly global effort with an excellent community of support and participation.

Go here to check out My Thinking Life.

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5 Responses to “It’s What’s On Your Mind”

  1. Hesham Says:

    Thank you for the great review, I really appreciate that!

  2. Waltsense Says:

    Hershams newmediablogger site is one I have bookmarked. I’ve used many ideas on his site to help my site grow 300% monthly. he also leverages SEO tips to the fullest by using a lot a social networking sites.

  3. Sam Sall Says:

    Hesham blogging way is very unique ,if any one visited my life thinking blog he/she will find it having a welcoming atmospher inspiring and mind stimulating .
    In his other site the newmediablogger he has a very useful and garanteed to work
    I think heshms’s blogs are very reflective of who he is , talented web expert, and a very honest thinker

    thank you ( do you digg it team ) for such a great review

  4. Mary Ward Says:

    You’re welcome, Sam, and thank you for the input and support!

  5. Hesham Says:

    @Waltsense, @Sam Sall,

    Thank you a lot for your comment, I am shy now!

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