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Random Writings

Random Writings is a personal blog dedicated to how electronic media affects our lives. The author examines the use of electronic information, like email and how it has changed the way we work and live, but it does so in a way that is funny and interesting. Many of the blogs are written from very interesting perspectives.

Random Writings – Why You Should Go

If you have an interest in understanding and analyzing how the electronic world affects us and how we have changed our lives in response to it, then you’ll enjoy the writings of this author. In addition to being thought provoking, some of the blogs are quite funny as well. So, while the author is trying to get us to think; he also analyzes in a very “tongue in cheek” way.

Summing Up Random Writings

This is writing to get you thinking. The author even writes some blogs from the perspective of the email box. Some of these blogs serve to provide valuable reminders about protecting our identity while out on the web, but others are simply musings about our electronic world.

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